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We provide both the small and large employer with a specialized resource for employee benefits information and consultation.

We are a full service advisory firm that was created with the goal of providing both the small and large employer with a specialized resource for employee benefits information and consultation.

Our Management team would strive to become a recognized industry leader in the design and management of employee benefit programs. The company has been built upon one very simple but fundamental approach – creating a “win/win” scenario.

Many employers are represented by generalists who do not possess the skill, or the experience to properly design and manage group benefit programs given the current insurance landscape. Our consultants ensure that your benefit needs are looked after by first seeking to understand your culture and goals. Acting as an extension of your corporation we are able to navigate in an environment that can seem daunting and complex.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and advice by delivering a team of experienced professionals focused on developing long-term client relationships.

Some of our clients are like, Petronas Subsidiaries, Oil and Gas industry, Private Investment banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Universities, Shipping, Logistics Group, Insurance Company, International Call Centres, Airline Organisation, Executive Search Organisation, etc.

While most advisors provide a “cookie cutter” approach to benefit plan design, our consultants focus on the specific needs of each client. Whether your corporation has operations all over the world or requires levels of coverage not provided through traditional programs, we will deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.

Valor is an innovative and growing firm that seeks to understand the client and their employee benefit goals. Our experienced and friendly staff is focused on providing exceptional service to every client whether large or small. 

Our approach to benefit management utilizes a triangular relationship. The three points of the triangle represent the employer, the insurance carrier and us. Each side of the triangle is just as important as the points, if not more. These sides are indicative of the connection and rapport between each party. Valor’s value proposition is to design and manage group benefit programs that properly maintain this equilibrium.

  • While relationships are certainly an important part of our business, the real value of Valor comes in the advice we deliver. Our team members act as an extension of your human resources/finance department and help in the design, management and communication of your group benefit programs.
  • Many benefit firms adhere to a traditional way of thinking and have not adopted innovative strategies with respect to delivering employee benefits. Valor will put together cost-effective programs that actually retain and attract staff while maintaining your bottom-line.

Valor also specializes in helping small to mid-size employers create group benefit programs that require special risk components. If you have staff require top-up programs or desire a flexible benefits approach, our consultants are here to help.

Our experts have more than 18 years of industry experience and are one of the pioneer team in Employee Benefits Program. Our aim is to have Valor to become an industry leader in the field of group benefits. What distinguish us from our competitors are experience, exceptional service and sound advice.

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