Introduction and Summary

Adults spend more than half of the time when they are awake at work giving employers a unique opportunity to impact the health and wellness of their employees. In a public health climate of a growing health crisis and mounting health care costs, more attention needs to be given to eating healthily and staying active, especially around a busy work schedule. By offering workplace employee wellness program, employers can lead the way to facilitation an office culture of health and wellness that employees can carry into their lives at home. The core objective is to ensure that the activities that we conduct educational and fun program and coach your staff and even their dependents so that in the long run there is a Lifestyle Change.

When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. A correctly designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost morale and reduce stress. Wellness programs help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism. In general, the costs of implementing a wellness program are minimal compared to the benefits.

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A survey of employees will show workplace interest. The information and facts are all there to recommend the employee wellness program as a good idea, starting with the 1990s when the programs became increasingly popular. The Wellness Council of America says use of the workplace to promote health and safety was recognized as a win-win proposition for employers and employees. Find research that supports statements about the effectiveness of employee wellness programs in meeting stated goals. For instance, a 2010 study, “Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings,” published on the Harvard University DASH website, looks at the success of workplace health programs in improving health and lowering health-care costs.

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About Valor@WorkWell

Valor@WorkWell is a company that was formed with a vision to provide such services to corporate clients. Services include both preventive and health promotion.

Services include vaccination, health assessment quantitatively by laboratory methods and qualitatively by questionnaires and physical assessment involving biometrics, electrical measurement of body tissue functions, live blood analysis and others. To reinforce healthy habits, educational approach such as seminars relevant to the client needs is also provided.

Work place environmental modification studies are also undertaken and appropriate recommendations are made which can positively impact workers’ health. This includes restructuring corporate canteens, ergonomics in work place and others.

We design the above services to suit the clients’ specific needs based on medical cost, illness pattern, age group requirements and workplace ergonomics.

We work with Insurers, International Pooling Organisations, Government Services, as well as directly with Corporate Organisations in providing our Corporate Wellness Program.

Our Philosophy

The MyWW health coaching philosophy utilizes techniques and methodology from the health belief model and the trans-theoretical model. We have adapted these models to enhance our successful corporate wellness program. Through a system of assessing the clients readiness to change, collaborating on goal setting, building a trusting relationship and educating the client, the health coach will assist the client to improve their overall health.

Employees are more likely to make lifestyle and behavior modifications when they speak one on one with our health coaches. Our team will work with your employees to set goals and facilitate change. A proven way to lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and lower workers compensations premiums is through health coaching

Our services are facilitated by a multidisciplinary panel of:

  1. Medical Doctor
  2. Physiotherapists
  3. Occupational Therapists
  4. Dietitians
  5. Nutritionists
  6. Fitness instructors
  7. Others like Dentist, Opthalamatis,
  8. Psychologist, Chiropractitioners,
  9. Acupuncture, TCM Medicine, etc.

Our goals and objectives
  1. To promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of corporate employees.
  2. Raise their work output and productivity.
  3. To manage illness in a cost efficient manner.

We are suggesting that your company review the first 2 years goals and objectives for the wellness program. A modest plan might involve establishing the program, providing health and wellness information and a few fitness activities. The goals and objectives you choose depend on how much time, effort and resources the company and employees are willing to invest in the program. For instance, your year-one goal might be to have 85 percent participation instead of measurable behavioral changes that affect health.

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